Week In Review

2024: February 18th to 25th Week In Review

This week ‘NSFW Marketer’ details the early stages of launching and promoting a tube site, highlighting its initial success and challenges:

  1. The site began receiving traffic from search engine results pages (SERPs) soon after launch, with subsequent days showing continued interest. The marketer is looking forward to analyzing data on how and when visitors engage with the content, noting that even in a short window, a few people were online, which supports the notion that “sex sells.”
  2. A significant issue arose when the site’s servers went offline for five hours during the morning, coinciding with a peak usage time for their target audience (“gooners”). Despite this setback, the site attracted 80 unique visitors in the week, with traffic coming from SERPs, Twitter, and banner ads.
  3. NSFW marketer identifies a major constraint in scaling their operations: the cost of cloud servers to run AI models, which is $1.30 per hour or $31.20 per day. This has led to the consideration of building their own AI server to manage costs and facilitate growth.

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