Hey there, welcome to “NSFW Marketer,” where I dive deep into the world of adult industry marketing. So, why should you listen to me? Let’s get into it.

I’ve been in the trenches of guerrilla marketing since 2008. Yeah, it’s been a journey of wild strategies and idea-mongering, all tailored for my personal gigs. But it wasn’t until 2018 that I took the real deep dive into running my marketing wonders for startup companies, where I began conjuring the power of lead generation like some marketing grandmaster.

Fast forward to October 2021, and here I am, jumping both feet first into the adult industry. Imagine taking the “normal” and crunching it up with the “you can’t be serious”—that’s been my ride. I’ve thrown a lot of darts, tried every room on the floor, and you bet I’ve got stories and cat scratches to prove it.

Why should I grab your attention among the digital swirl? First off, I never climbed onto a pedestal and declared myself the expert. The digital tides move too fast for that kind of ground to stand on. What I bring to the buffet is the platter of early-adopter info, honest misfires, glowing “aha” events, and the collective mill of not-so-common thoughts and marketing pies I’ve been baking.

This platform, “NSFW Marketer,” is my main gate for this adventure. It’s about poking the roads less traveled in the big, grand wheel of the adult digital space. Do we tread on the familiar paths? Only to steer off ’em. And in the minefield of mantras around “what works,” I’m horsing up to puzzle the digital nags and fly on the creative avant-garde.

Expect coverage on one-off intel, that better “how’d you e’en come up with that” insight, and raw live-feed realness on turning an idea into lead-forging gold.

Why listen to me? If you’re all in for exploits into not-your-granddaddy’s kind of knowledge cache, an all-access advert to not just out-of-the-bin but ready-to-wrestle real-time thingamabobs in the massive web, then, my future comrade, you’re in the exclusive squad.

Strapped in and clued up? Let’s roll.

— The Trench-Coat in Your Digital Night: Your How-to-Guide in the Hazy Turnpike of the Too-Hot-to-Handle.