Can Reddit Ban Your Account? Understanding Reddit Suspensions

Navigating Reddit requires adherence to both written and unwritten rules. Missteps can lead to account suspensions, which can be frustrating and hinder your ability to engage with the community. Based on my experiences and observations, here are the most common reasons accounts find themselves facing suspension:

1. Multiple Subreddit Bans in a Short Period

Reddit moderators have the authority to ban users from their specific subreddits for rule violations. If a user accumulates multiple bans across different subreddits in a short timeframe, this can raise a red flag for Reddit’s system, potentially leading to a sitewide suspension. This is often seen as indicative of a pattern of disruptive behavior.

2. Ban Evasion

Creating new accounts to bypass subreddit or sitewide bans is explicitly against Reddit’s rules. This practice, known as ban evasion, is easily detectable by Reddit’s algorithms and moderators and often results in a swift suspension.

3. Brigading

Brigading refers to the act of organizing groups of users to target specific posts or communities for upvoting, downvoting, or spamming comments. This behavior disrupts the natural flow of discussion and is considered manipulation of the platform, leading to possible account suspension.

4. Vote Manipulation

Similar to brigading, vote manipulation involves artificially inflating or deflating votes on posts or comments. This can be done through multiple accounts or by coordinating with others. Reddit has sophisticated measures to detect unnatural voting patterns, and engaging in this practice can quickly result in a suspension.

5. Spamming

Excessive posting of similar messages or links across various subreddits can be flagged as spam. Reddit’s spam filters are quite robust, and accounts that repeatedly engage in spamming activities are often suspended to protect the quality of discourse on the platform.

6. Being Menacing or Rude

Harassment, threats, or general rudeness are taken seriously on Reddit. The platform aims to maintain a safe space for discussion, and behavior that threatens this environment can lead to account suspension.

7. Posting Illegal Content

Reddit prohibits the posting of illegal content, including pirated materials, content promoting illegal activities, and other illicit materials. Posting such content not only results in immediate suspension but can also lead to legal consequences.

Tips to Avoid Account Suspension

  • Read and Understand Subreddit Rules: Each subreddit has its own set of rules in addition to Reddit’s global rules. Make sure you read and understand these before posting.
  • Engage Positively: Always strive to contribute positively and constructively to discussions.
  • Use One Account for Participation: Do not use multiple accounts to manipulate your influence or evade bans.
  • Report, Don’t Retaliate: If you encounter negative behavior, use the report function rather than retaliating, which could get you into trouble.
  • Stay Informed: Reddit occasionally updates its policies. Keeping abreast of these changes can help you stay in compliance.


Understanding and adhering to Reddit’s rules is crucial for maintaining your standing within the community. By avoiding the common pitfalls listed above, you can ensure that your account remains active and your interactions on the platform are fruitful and engaging.

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