Do You Keep The Karma On A Reddit Post That Has Been Removed?

A common question among Reddit users revolves around the fate of karma when a post is removed. Here’s a straightforward answer based on my experience:

Karma Retention:

Yes, you do keep the karma earned from a post even if that post is later removed from a subreddit. Whether the removal is due to moderator action or if you choose to delete the post yourself, the karma associated with that post at the time of removal remains part of your overall karma count.

Explanation and Implications

How Karma Works:

Karma on Reddit is a reflection of a user’s contributions through upvotes and downvotes received on their posts and comments. This score is an aggregate of all the positive and negative feedback your content has garnered.

Persistence of Karma:

Once karma is accrued to your account, it becomes a permanent part of your Reddit profile’s karma total. This includes karma from posts that may later be removed. The rationale here is that karma is awarded by the community based on the content’s value at the time it was accessible, and removing the post doesn’t negate the community’s previous engagement.

Impact of Downvotes:

The only way to lose karma on a post or comment is through downvotes from other Reddit users. If your post accumulates more downvotes than upvotes, the negative balance will subtract from your total karma. This mechanism ensures that the content not only needs to be engaging but also well-received by the community to contribute positively to your karma score.

Strategic Considerations:

Understanding that downvotes can decrease your karma is crucial for content strategy. It emphasizes the need for creating high-quality, community-appropriate content. Posts that are off-topic, offensive, or spammy are more likely to receive downvotes, negatively impacting your karma and potentially your credibility within the subreddit communities.


In summary, the karma earned from your Reddit posts and comments is retained, even if the posts themselves are removed. Karma on Reddit serves as a barometer of your contributions and community reception. While you retain karma from posts that are removed, it’s important to note that receiving downvotes on your posts and comments is the primary way your karma can decrease. Understanding this can help you strategize your content planning and contributions more effectively, knowing that your efforts have enduring value beyond the lifespan of any single post.

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