Does your post stay up on the subreddit even if the account is banned?

One common question among Reddit users, especially those managing multiple accounts or engaging in higher-risk content strategies, concerns the fate of their posts if their account faces a ban. Here’s a clear breakdown of what happens to your posts and comments under different types of account suspensions or deletions.

Post Visibility After Bans and Account Deletion

Permanent Bans:

If Reddit permanently bans your account, the impact is immediate and comprehensive. Your posts will typically be removed along with the account, meaning they will no longer be visible in the subreddits where they were posted. This serves as a deterrent against violating community guidelines and terms of service.

Temporary Suspensions:

In the case of a temporary suspension, your posts will generally remain visible. Your account is essentially in a state of limbo during the suspension period, but the contributions you made previously—unless they violated subreddit rules—will stay up. Once the suspension is lifted, you can continue to interact as usual unless further action is taken.

Account Deletion:

Should you decide to delete your account voluntarily, your posts will not automatically disappear. Instead, your username on those posts and comments will be replaced with [deleted]. This indicates that the original poster has removed their account, but the content itself does not violate any rules and thus remains part of the subreddit’s history.

Comments and Their Longevity

Comments After a Ban:

Comments have a slightly different treatment. Even if your account is permanently banned, your comments may remain on the threads unless they specifically violated rules or are manually removed by moderators. It’s common for comments to linger, contributing to discussions unless a moderator intervenes to clean them up as part of maintaining community standards.

Best Practices and Tips

Monitor Your Content:

Regularly review your posts and comments to ensure they comply with both Reddit’s guidelines and the specific rules of the subreddits you are participating in. This can prevent situations where your content is lost due to account issues.

Engage Responsibly:

The best way to avoid complications with bans and suspensions is to engage responsibly. Avoid pushing the boundaries of acceptable behavior on Reddit to reduce the risk of your account being banned and your content being removed.

Understand the Rules:

Make a habit of thoroughly understanding the rules of each subreddit you participate in. This not only helps in avoiding bans but also in contributing positively and effectively to the community.


The visibility of your posts on Reddit after your account is banned depends significantly on the nature of the ban. By understanding these nuances and engaging thoughtfully, you can safeguard your contributions and maintain a positive presence on this vast platform. Whether your account is temporarily suspended, permanently banned, or voluntarily deleted, knowing the implications on your posted content is crucial for effective Reddit management.

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