Does Your Post Stay Up On The Subreddit Even If The Post Is Removed?

Understanding what happens when a post is removed from a subreddit can be crucial for effective content management and strategy on Reddit. Here’s an insight into the visibility of posts once they’ve been removed and strategies for reusing content.

Visibility After Post Removal

Post Removal Dynamics:

When a subreddit moderator or an automated system removes your post from a subreddit, it disappears from the subreddit’s feed and search results. However, the post is not deleted from your Reddit profile; it remains visible there as ‘[removed]’ which indicates it was taken down from the specific subreddit but not deleted entirely from Reddit.

Profile Visibility:

Even after removal, the post will still show up in your profile under your submission history. This can be helpful for record-keeping or review purposes. Anyone checking your profile can see the post was removed, but they won’t be able to view its content unless they have direct access to the URL and the content hasn’t been deleted.

Strategies for Reusing Content

Deleting and Reposting:

If one of my posts is removed and I believe the content is still valuable and could perform well in a different context or subreddit, I typically delete it from my profile. This allows me to reuse or repurpose the content elsewhere. Deleting the original post helps avoid any potential issues with Reddit’s duplicate content detection systems.

Modifying Content for Reuse:

Before reposting content that was previously removed, it’s prudent to make some modifications. This is particularly important for images or media content, as there are bots and tools on Reddit that check the hash of uploaded files to identify duplicates. Even minor changes to an image or text can alter the hash, making the content appear new to these systems.

Automating Content Adjustment:

To streamline the process of modifying and reposting content, I use tools like Social-Rise. Such tools can automatically make slight alterations to the media files to change their hash signatures before reposting. This reduces the likelihood of being flagged for reposting the same content and helps in managing a clean and rule-compliant profile.


Understanding the implications of a post removal on Reddit and knowing how to handle and reuse content appropriately can significantly enhance your content strategy on the platform. By ensuring that removed posts are properly managed and potentially repurposed, you can maintain an active and effective presence on Reddit, maximizing the impact of your contributions across various communities.

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