Help! I’m Shadow Banned on Reddit: Understanding Reddit Bans and Suspensions

The term “shadowban” often circulates among Reddit users, stirring concerns about whether their activity is being secretly restricted. However, in my experience, despite shadowban testers such as the one at, Reddit’s approach to managing bans doesn’t typically include shadowbanning in the traditional sense where users are unaware that they’ve been banned. Instead, Reddit’s moderation is more transparent, albeit sometimes without detailed explanations. Here’s what you need to know about Reddit’s suspension policies and how to determine if you’ve been affected.

Types of Reddit Suspensions

Temporary Suspension:

  1. Temporary suspensions are usually the first course of action for minor infractions. These can last about 3 days for the first offense. During a temporary suspension, Reddit restricts your ability to post, comment, or engage with content and notifies you via a message to your account.

Permanent Suspension:

  1. More severe or repeated violations can lead to a permanent suspension. In this case, you are likely to lose access to your account indefinitely. Reddit will notify you of this suspension through an account message, and this typically includes a brief reason for the suspension along with information on how to appeal the decision.

How to Check if You Are Suspended

If you suspect that you might be suspended, the first step is to check your email or Reddit inbox for any messages from Reddit administrators. These messages are the primary way Reddit communicates account actions, including suspensions. Here’s what else you can do:

  • Appeal the Decision: If you receive a notification about a suspension, whether temporary or permanent, and you believe it was a mistake, you can appeal. Reddit provides a link in the suspension notice to facilitate this process. Remember, when appealing, being polite and constructive in your communication can significantly impact the outcome. Express your understanding of the community guidelines and any confusion you might have about the suspension, and ask for clarification and reinstatement politely.

Additional Checks

While Reddit doesn’t shadowban in the conventional sense, if you feel like your activities are not receiving any engagement or responses from others, you can perform a few checks:

  • Ask a Friend: Have someone else check if your profile or posts are visible when not logged in as you. If they cannot see your posts or profile when they are not logged in, there might be an issue.
  • Use Reddit Tools: Some third-party tools and websites claim to check if you are shadowbanned by analyzing your user engagement and visibility. While not always 100% accurate, they can offer some insights.


In summary, understanding the distinction between different types of bans on Reddit and knowing how to verify your account’s status are essential. Always ensure you are familiar with Reddit’s rules and guidelines to avoid suspensions, and handle any communications regarding suspensions with courtesy and clarity. This proactive and respectful approach will serve you well in navigating Reddit’s complex community landscape.

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