How Do I Check My Proxy IP Scam Score?

Understanding the reputation of the IP addresses you use for Reddit, X, or any online activities is crucial. A poor IP scam score can significantly affect your ability to engage effectively on platforms like Reddit, as it may increase the likelihood of your actions being flagged as suspicious or spammy. Here’s how I ensure the IPs I use maintain a good standing.

Tools for Checking IP Scam Score

One of the essential tools I rely on to check the scam score of an IP address is Scamalytics. This website, available at, offers a straightforward way to assess the risk level associated with any IP address. By entering the IP, the tool provides a scam score that indicates the likelihood of the IP being used for fraudulent activities. You can find your IP by going to or

Why Check Your IP Scam Score?

The scam score of an IP can affect more than just your Reddit activities; it impacts almost all online engagements where IP reputation matters. Here’s why keeping tabs on this score is essential:

  • Proxy Quality: Cheaper proxies often have higher scam scores because they are more frequently associated with spam or fraudulent activities. These IPs are typically shared among multiple users, increasing the chances of misuse.
  • VPN Issues: It’s important to note that even VPNs like Surfshark, while providing excellent privacy features, might have IPs with poor scam scores. VPN IPs are used by numerous people for various purposes, including activities that could negatively impact their reputation.
  • Recycled IPs: Even if you invest in high-quality proxies, there’s always a risk that the proxy provider might recycle an IP previously used for spam. Checking the scam score helps ensure that you’re not inadvertently inheriting a problematic IP, which could lead to unexpected blocks or restrictions.

Implementing Regular Checks

To mitigate potential issues, I make it a practice to regularly check the scam scores for all the IPs I use, especially new ones added to my setup. This routine ensures that I am always aware of the quality of the proxies or VPNs in use, allowing me to make informed decisions about when to replace an IP or switch providers.

In summary, regularly checking the scam score of your IP addresses is a simple yet effective way to safeguard your online activities from unnecessary scrutiny or penalties due to poor IP reputation. It’s a small step that can have significant implications for your success in digital environments, particularly in community-driven platforms like Reddit and X.

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