How Do I Get Accepted Into A Major Subreddit?

Navigating the gates of Reddit’s diverse communities can be challenging, especially when aiming to become a contributing member of private or restricted subreddits. Based on my experience, understanding and navigating the acceptance protocols is crucial. Here’s how you can increase your chances of getting accepted into a subreddit.

Understanding Subreddit Types and Access Levels

Private Subreddits:

Some subreddits are private, which means you need explicit permission to view or participate. In many cases, these private communities are either holding spaces for future use (where mods are “parking” a subreddit name) or they serve specific niche interests or discussions that require member vetting.

Request to Submit:

Certain subreddits provide a straightforward mechanism for access; they might have a ‘request to join’ button visible when you visit their page. Clicking this button typically sends a request to the moderators, who then may ask for additional information or simply grant access based on your Reddit profile.

Scripted Removals:

It’s also possible to encounter subreddits that appear open but employ automated scripts to remove posts from users who do not meet specific hidden criteria. This can be puzzling and frustrating if you’re unaware of the underlying rules or qualifications.

Steps to Get Accepted

Read the Rules Carefully:

The first and most critical step is to familiarize yourself with the subreddit’s rules. These are usually listed in the sidebar or as a pinned post at the top of the subreddit. Pay close attention as sometimes these sources may have slightly different versions of the rules; always consider the most recent update as the applicable one.

Understand and Complete Verification Requirements:

Many subreddits, especially those involving sensitive topics or communities (like NSFW subreddits), require a verification process to confirm that you meet their criteria. This often involves submitting a photo with your username, the date, and the subreddit name written on a piece of paper. Requirements might vary significantly — from specific phrases to be included, to photos from multiple angles, or even specific body parts.

Leverage Verification Passports:

A valuable strategy to streamline access across multiple related subreddits is to obtain what some communities refer to as a “verification passport.” Actually no one says this, but they should. This method involves getting verified in one subreddit that has agreements with others to accept their verification, allowing for broader access without the need for repeated individual verifications.

Building a Positive Reputation

Engage Respectfully:

Always engage respectfully with moderators and community members. Remember, subreddit moderators have full discretion in their communities — they can grant or deny access as they see fit. Approaching them with courtesy and understanding can go a long way toward gaining entry.

Contribute Positively:

Once inside, contribute positively and constructively. This not only helps in maintaining your standing within that subreddit but also builds your reputation, which can be beneficial when attempting to enter other communities.


Gaining access to various subreddits, especially private or restricted ones, requires an understanding of each community’s unique rules and culture. By carefully reading the guidelines, completing required verifications, and engaging respectfully, you can navigate these spaces successfully. Remember, each subreddit is its own microcosm with its gatekeepers and rules; navigating them skillfully is key to becoming an active and welcomed member.

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