How Often Should I Post on Reddit?

When it comes to Reddit, the frequency and location of your posts can significantly impact your visibility and engagement. There’s no universally prescribed rule for how often you should post or how many subreddits you should target. Instead, the effectiveness of your posting strategy depends largely on how well you understand and cater to specific subreddit communities.

Tailoring Content to the Right Communities

Finding the Right Fit:

Think of posting on Reddit as a form of treasure hunting. You’re not just broadcasting content; you’re strategically placing it where it will resonate the most. The goal is to discover communities—subreddits—where your content naturally aligns with the interests and values of the members. Each subreddit has its own culture and preferences, and finding the one where your content “clicks” can significantly amplify your engagement and follower growth.

Expanding Your Reach:

If you find that your content performs well in several subreddits, by all means, extend your reach to these communities. However, if you’re able to identify up to 100 subreddits where your posts are well-received and you have the capacity to manage this breadth, go ahead. But keep in mind, quality and relevance should always guide your posting decisions.

Managing Multiple Subreddit Postings

Watch for Moderator Overlap:

Be aware that some subreddits share the same moderators. Repeatedly posting the same content across multiple subreddits with common moderation can lead to diminishing returns and might annoy the moderators, risking a ban or your posts being removed. Treat clusters of subreddits with the same moderators as a single unit and diversify your content accordingly.

Keep Your Profile Dynamic:

Diversity in your postings not only helps in reaching a broader audience but also in building a following. If users visit your profile and see the same image or type of post repeated, they’re less likely to follow you. A dynamic profile with a variety of posts shows that you’re actively engaged in sharing valuable content, which can encourage more users to follow and interact with your posts.


In conclusion, while there’s no strict rule on how many times you should post per day or in how many subreddits, the focus should always be on quality and relevance. Your success on Reddit will depend on how well you understand each community’s dynamics and whether your content adds value to those discussions. By strategically navigating these aspects, you can optimize your Reddit strategy to maximize engagement and grow your presence effectively.

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