Is Reddit Premium Necessary? Evaluating the Benefits of Reddit Premium for Marketing Purposes

As someone deeply engaged in leveraging Reddit for marketing, I’ve extensively explored the potential advantages that come with Reddit Premium. From my experiences, it’s important to clarify what Reddit Premium offers and whether it’s a worthwhile investment for someone looking to enhance their marketing strategy on the platform.

What Does Reddit Premium Offer?

Reddit Premium is a paid subscription service that provides several user-focused benefits:

  • Ad-Free Browsing: One of the most notable features is the removal of ads, which can make your browsing experience smoother and less cluttered.
  • Exclusive Avatar Gear and Custom App Icons: These features allow for more personalization of your user profile and app interface.
  • Access to r/lounge: This is an exclusive subreddit for Premium members, which can be a nice place to interact with other paying members, but it’s not a marketing hotspot.
  • Monthly Reddit Coins: These can be used to give awards to other users, potentially increasing engagement on your own posts if used strategically.

Is Reddit Premium Beneficial for Marketers?

Based on my assessment and the nature of Reddit Premium’s offerings, here are some key points to consider:

  • No Direct Impact on Reach: Reddit Premium does not provide any enhanced visibility or extended reach for your posts. Unlike some platforms where premium memberships might boost your content’s visibility, Reddit maintains the same level of reach for both premium and non-premium users.
  • Does Not Influence Bans: Purchasing Reddit Premium will not protect your account from being banned if you violate community guidelines or terms of service. Moderation is applied equally to all users, regardless of their premium status.
  • Limited Marketing Advantage: Since the features primarily focus on user experience rather than marketing tools, the direct benefits for a marketer are limited. The absence of ads and access to exclusive features do not translate into direct marketing advantages.

Should You Invest in Reddit Premium?

Considering the benefits and my own experiences with Reddit Premium, my recommendation to fellow marketers is that it is not necessary for enhancing your marketing strategies on Reddit. The lack of any features that increase post visibility or reach means that your investment might be better spent elsewhere, especially if you are operating on a limited budget.

However, if you are a heavy Reddit user who enjoys the platform for personal use as well as professional, the ad-free experience and other perks might enhance your overall experience. For purely marketing purposes, though, the top accounts across various subreddits demonstrate that success is achievable without a Premium subscription. Many high-profile accounts with significant follower numbers do not use Reddit Premium, which indicates that strategic content placement and community engagement are more critical for success.


In conclusion, while Reddit Premium offers several enjoyable benefits for a regular user, its advantages for marketers specifically are minimal. Focus instead on creating high-quality content, engaging genuinely with communities, and leveraging organic strategies to maximize your reach and impact on Reddit.

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