Six Figures From A Tube Site – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Part 2

I went one step further and documented all the Frequently Asked Questions from Deleted member 1268968’s journey as first posted on the BHW forums. I used AI to do it as an AMA.

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Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their answers based on the forum post by Deleted member 1268968 documenting their journey to 1 million visits per month for an adult tube site.

General Questions

Q: What was your initial goal when starting the tube site?

  • A: My initial goal was to reach 1 million visitors per month or 20,000 per day. I also set monthly goals like generating €5 in ad revenue and having 50 users per day.

Q: How did you promote your site initially?

  • A: I focused on building traffic through social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and other tube sites. I also manually edited and watermarked the first 500 videos.

Q: What hosting service do you use?

  • A: I use offshore, DMCA-ignored hosting to avoid takedown issues.

Content and SEO

Q: How do you handle content creation?

  • A: I manually edit and watermark videos, adding custom intros. I aim to upload 5-10 videos daily with unique titles, descriptions, and tags.

Q: How do you manage SEO for your site?

  • A: I target specific keywords, optimize video titles, descriptions, and tags, and build backlinks. I also use Google Search Console to track keyword rankings.

Q: How do you get backlinks for your site?

  • A: I reach out to other site owners for link exchanges and reviews. I also participate in forums and social media for additional backlink opportunities.


Q: What ad networks do you use to monetize your site?

  • A: I use ExoClick, PopCash, and LosPollos for various ad formats like popunders, banners, and VAST ads.

Q: How much money do you make from your site?

  • A: Initially, I made around €1-€2 per day. Over time, with consistent effort, my daily earnings increased, and I eventually started earning six figures annually.

Traffic and Growth

Q: How do you handle traffic generation?

  • A: I use social media promotions, backlink building, and SEO to drive traffic. I also post videos on larger tube sites to attract visitors.

Q: How do you track and analyze traffic?

  • A: I use tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to monitor traffic sources, bounce rates, and session durations. I adjust my strategies based on the data.

Q: How do you deal with high bounce rates from social media traffic?

  • A: I aim for a bounce rate between 25-35% by improving the quality of backlinks and optimizing user experience on my site.

Challenges and Solutions

Q: What challenges did you face in the initial stages?

  • A: Some of the challenges included slow traffic growth, high bounce rates, and maintaining consistent content uploads. I also faced legal issues unrelated to the site, which slowed down my progress.

Q: How do you handle DMCA takedown requests?

  • A: I use a DMCA-ignored hosting provider and ensure my domain is protected. This allows me to continue operating without interruption.

Q: What advice do you have for new adult webmasters?

  • A: Stay consistent with content creation, focus on building quality backlinks, and use social media effectively. Be patient and persistent, as growth takes time.

Personal Insights

Q: How did you stay motivated during slow growth periods?

  • A: I focused on small achievements, like improving session durations and bounce rates. I also reminded myself of the long-term goals and the potential for significant rewards with consistent effort.

Q: What are your future plans for the site?

  • A: I plan to expand into niche-specific sites to create a network, continue optimizing for SEO, and explore additional monetization methods.

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