The Long Game

The Long Game: Mastering Resilience in the Adult Industry

The long game is probably the most important concept on this website. If you read this article and nothing else here, you will have learned the core of what you need to know: how to play the long game.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the adult industry, playing the long game is not just a strategy; it’s a necessity for survival and growth. This approach demands resilience to change and a deep understanding of the importance of owning your audience. The greatest hurdle most sex workers and adult content creators face isn’t just discrimination but the real risk of being arbitrarily kicked off platforms. Here lies the crux of resilience: being platform agnostic and truly owning your audience.

The Illusion of Ownership on Social Platforms

Your Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, or OnlyFans audience might seem like your community, but there’s a stark reality to confront—these are the platform’s audiences, not yours. The harsh truth is that your digital presence on these platforms can vanish overnight. An algorithm change, a policy update, or a simple mistake can lead to the deletion of your account, taking your followers with it. The hard work of building an audience, engaging with followers, and creating content can be undone in an instant, leaving you to start from scratch.

The Power of Owning Customer Data

The only foolproof way to own your audience is by possessing their email addresses and phone numbers. This transition from platform-dependent to platform-agnostic audiences guarantees that you maintain direct contact with your followers, irrespective of the whims and fancies of social media platforms and content-sharing sites.

Through personal experience, I’ve learned that owning my customer data is invaluable. Remarketing for adult content is not just effective; it’s crucial. Many potential customers may lurk on your mailing list for months before making a purchase. The adult industry is notorious for its high churn rates, and the inability to remarket means leaving significant revenue on the table. If a platform decides to sever ties with me, the impact is mitigated because I can immediately start rebuilding. More so, I can cross-promote or remarket products from other content providers, diversifying my revenue streams.

Owning Your Traffic Sources

Another pivotal aspect of playing the long game is controlling your traffic sources. Relying on affiliates or third-party platforms creates a barrier between your content and your earnings. Developing long-term traffic sources like SEO, and building and owning NSFW communities, ensures a steady flow of visitors directly interested in your content without the intermediary cut.

The Importance of Trust and Reputation

Lastly, the long game is about being dependable and trustworthy. The adult industry may seem vast, but it operates on tight-knit community principles. Once trust is broken, word spreads fast, and rebuilding that reputation can be an uphill battle. Resorting to black hat techniques or unethical practices may offer short-term gains but will inevitably burn bridges with companies and communities that could have been beneficial partners in the long run.


Playing the long game in the adult industry means building a resilient, independent operation that can withstand the caprices of external platforms. By owning your audience through direct communication channels, controlling your traffic sources, and maintaining a trustworthy reputation, you not only safeguard your current position but also pave the way for sustainable growth. The industry is as challenging as it is rewarding, and success belongs to those who plan not just for the immediate gratification but for the enduring legacy of their brand.