What are “Suicide Accounts” on Reddit?

In the realm of Reddit marketing, the term “suicide account” refers to a specific strategy employed by some marketers, though it’s one I personally steer clear of due to ethical and practical concerns. Here’s an overview of what these accounts are and why they are generally frowned upon within the community.

Definition and Use of Suicide Accounts


Suicide accounts are created for the sole purpose of executing high-volume spam activities over a short period. The name “suicide” implies that these accounts are expendable—used aggressively until they are inevitably banned by Reddit’s moderation systems.


These accounts typically engage in behaviors like post hijacking, where they latch onto trending posts to drop comments that include calls to action and links, aiming to divert traffic. They often employ upvotes, purchased or manipulated, to maintain the visibility of their comments. If the account gets deleted, the comments might remain unless actively removed by subreddit moderators.

Risks and Consequences

Short-lived Impact:

While the initial impact of a suicide account might seem beneficial in terms of quick visibility, the strategy is unsustainable. Reddit’s algorithms are adept at identifying and banning such accounts quickly, limiting their effectiveness.

Moderation and Prevention:

As a moderator of several subreddits, I ensure that scripts are in place to prevent suicide accounts from successfully posting. This is a common practice among moderators who aim to maintain the quality and integrity of their communities.

Reputational Damage:

Employing suicide accounts can harm your brand’s reputation. Not only does this practice annoy users and moderators alike, but it can also lead to direct conflicts within the community. For example, I have witnessed scenarios where individuals, upset by spam on their or their model’s content, retaliate against the advertised services, sometimes going as far as getting accounts associated with the spam banned.

Legal and Ethical Considerations:

Using suicide accounts for spamming contradicts Reddit’s community guidelines and can lead to broader legal issues concerning digital conduct and spam.

Alternatives to Suicide Accounts

Ethical Engagement:

Instead of relying on suicide accounts, focus on building genuine engagement through valuable content contributions. Engaging authentically with the community fosters trust and a positive reputation.

Strategic Advertising:

Consider using Reddit’s official advertising channels. This not only ensures compliance with Reddit’s policies but also enhances your campaign’s credibility.

Monitoring and Management:

If you employ virtual assistants (VAs) to help manage your Reddit presence, ensure they are well-informed about ethical practices and monitor their activities closely. This helps prevent practices that could negatively impact your brand.


While suicide accounts might offer a quick fix for visibility, they come with significant risks and offer no long-term benefits, often detracting from a brand’s reputation and violating community trust. My advice is to invest in sustainable, ethical strategies that build genuine relationships with your audience, ensuring compliance and fostering a positive community presence.

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