What Size Reddit Group Should I Target?

When selecting subreddits to post your content, it’s crucial to consider more than just the total number of subscribers or the current number of active users online. Here’s how I approach evaluating potential subreddits for posting and engagement based on my experience.

Understanding Subreddit Dynamics

Size vs. Engagement:

The size of a subreddit, indicated by its number of subscribers, and the number of currently active users are commonly seen metrics. However, these numbers do not always reflect the true engagement or potential value of a subreddit. A smaller subreddit with fewer members can often offer higher engagement and more dedicated followers than a larger one swamped with posts and competition.

Why Smaller Subreddits Can Be More Valuable

Targeted Audience:

Subreddits with a smaller, more niche audience tend to have higher engagement rates per post. Members of these communities are often more passionate and responsive to content that aligns closely with the subreddit’s focus. For example, a subreddit with 300 members dedicated to a specific fetish or interest can yield a higher interaction rate and potentially more “whales” (high-spending fans) than a generic subreddit with thousands of members.

Less Competition:

In smaller subreddits, your content is less likely to get drowned out by the high volume of posts. This visibility can lead to more focused attention and detailed interactions, which are essential for building relationships and converting followers into paying customers.

Finding the Right Fit

Where Your Content Is Welcome:

The key is not just to find any active subreddit but to identify where your content resonates the most. This involves:

Posting and Monitoring: Initially post in a variety of subreddits that seem like a good fit based on their theme and observe the type of response you receive. 

Engagement Quality: Look beyond upvotes; examine the comments and the quality of interactions. Are people asking about more content? Are they engaging in a way that suggests genuine interest?

Repeat Engagement: Are the same users engaging with your posts repeatedly? This can be a sign of a dedicated audience that’s more likely to convert into paying subscribers or content buyers.


When hunting for the right subreddits to engage with, remember that bigger isn’t always better. Focus on finding communities where your content is most appreciated and where the audience engagement aligns with your goals. These communities, though smaller, can provide a more dedicated follower base, better interaction, and ultimately, a higher potential for monetization. Always consider the nature of your content and the unique characteristics of each subreddit to optimize your Reddit strategy effectively.

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