Where Can I Post on Reddit With No Karma?

Once your account is aged for at least one week, you can start exploring and posting in the top 200 subreddits across various categories. Here’s a comprehensive list of subreddits where you can begin participating, categorized by their primary focus and community size:

Discussion and Stories

These subreddits are great for engaging in conversations or sharing personal experiences:

Emotional Reaction Fuel

These subreddits focus on content that elicits strong emotional reactions:

  • r/WTF – Content that makes you say “What the f***?”
  • r/aww – Cute and adorable animal pictures.
  • r/cringepics – Pictures that make you cringe.
  • r/cringe – Awkward or embarrassing stories and media.
  • r/JusticePorn – Stories of justice being served.
  • r/MorbidReality – Content dealing with harsh and disturbing reality.
  • r/rage – Things that make you angry.
  • r/mildlyinfuriating – Slightly annoying things.
  • r/creepy – Creepy pictures and stories.
  • r/creepyPMs – Share creepy private messages.
  • r/nosleep – Scary stories meant to keep you up at night.
  • r/nostalgia – Content that invokes nostalgia.

Entertainment – Gaming

For gaming enthusiasts, these subreddits cover various games and gaming culture:

  • r/gaming – General gaming content and discussions.
  • r/leagueoflegends – Everything about League of Legends.
  • r/pokemon – Discussions and content about Pokémon.
  • r/Minecraft – Minecraft game discussion and content.
  • r/starcraft – StarCraft game discussion and content.
  • r/Games – In-depth discussions about games.
  • r/DotA2 – Discussions about Dota 2.
  • r/skyrim – Skyrim game discussions and content.
  • r/tf2 – Team Fortress 2 game discussions and content.
  • r/magicTCG – Magic: The Gathering discussions.
  • r/wow – World of Warcraft discussions and content.
  • r/KerbalSpaceProgram – Discussions about Kerbal Space Program.
  • r/mindcrack – Content related to the Mindcrack community.
  • r/Fallout – Fallout game discussions and content.
  • r/roosterteeth – Rooster Teeth productions discussion.

r/Planetside – PlanetSide game discussions.

  • r/gamegrumps – Discussions about the Game Grumps web series.
  • r/battlefield3 – Battlefield 3 game discussions.
  • r/zelda – The Legend of Zelda game discussions and content.
  • r/darksouls – Dark Souls game discussions and content.
  • r/masseffect – Mass Effect game discussions and content.

Entertainment – Television

For TV show enthusiasts, these subreddits are centered around popular television series:

Entertainment – Other (Movies/Music/Franchies/Misc)

These subreddits focus on various forms of entertainment, from movies to music:

  • r/Music – General music discussions and sharing.
  • r/movies – Discussions about movies.
  • r/harrypotter – Harry Potter discussions and content.
  • r/StarWars – Star Wars discussions and content.
  • r/DaftPunk – Daft Punk music and news.
  • r/hiphopheads – Discussions about hip hop music and culture.
  • r/anime – Anime discussions and content.
  • r/comicbooks – Comic book discussions and content.
  • r/geek – Geek culture discussions.
  • r/batman – Batman discussions and content.
  • r/TheLastAirbender – Discussions about Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.
  • r/Naruto – Naruto discussions and content.
  • r/FanTheories – Discussions about various fan theories across media.


If you’re looking for a laugh, these subreddits focus on humorous content:


Images, Gifs, and Videos

For visual content, these subreddits are perfect for sharing images, gifs, and videos:

umblr) – Content from or about Tumblr.

Learning and Thinking

These subreddits are educational and provoke thought:

Lifestyle and Help

For advice and lifestyle tips, these subreddits can be very useful:

News and Issues

For news and discussions on current events:

ervative](https://www.reddit.com/r/Conservative) – Conservative political discussions.


Subreddits focused on specific locations or countries:

Race, Gender, and Identity

For discussions on race, gender, and identity:

  • r/atheism – Discussions on atheism and secular living.
  • r/TwoXChromosomes – Women’s perspectives and discussions.
  • r/MensRights – Discussions on men’s rights.
  • r/gaybros – Gay men’s interests and discussions.
  • r/lgbt – Discussions on LGBT issues and topics.


For sports enthusiasts, these subreddits cover various sports and leagues:

  • r/nba – National Basketball Association discussions.
  • r/soccer – Soccer (football) discussions and content.
  • r/hockey – Ice hockey discussions and content.
  • r/nfl – National Football League discussions.
  • r/formula1 – Formula 1 racing discussions.
  • r/baseball – Baseball discussions and content.
  • r/MMA – Mixed martial arts discussions and content.
  • r/SquaredCircle – Professional wrestling discussions.


For technology enthusiasts and professionals:

  • r/technology – General technology discussions.
  • r/Android – Android operating system discussions and content.
  • r/Bitcoin – Bitcoin and cryptocurrency discussions.
  • r/programming – Programming discussions and content.
  • r/apple – Apple product discussions and content.

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