Why Can’t I See My Post Statistics? Am I Shadow Banned?

When you encounter an issue where you can no longer see statistics for a post on Reddit, it can be a bit perplexing, especially if the post isn’t marked as removed. This situation often leads to confusion about whether the post has been shadow banned or if there’s another explanation. From my experience, if your post isn’t visibly marked as removed and you’re missing statistics, the issue is likely due to a bug within Reddit’s system rather than a punitive action against your account.

Understanding the Issue with Missing Statistics

Technical Bugs on Reddit:

Reddit, like any large digital platform, can experience glitches and bugs that affect how content is displayed or managed. One common issue is the disappearance of post statistics, which can occur due to temporary system errors or updates being rolled out by Reddit.

Identifying a Bug:

Here are a few signs that what you’re experiencing is likely a technical bug rather than a shadowban or post removal:

  • Inconsistency Across Devices: Check if the statistics issue persists across different devices and platforms (e.g., desktop browser vs. mobile app). If the statistics are visible on one platform but not another, it’s more indicative of a glitch.
  • Lack of Removal Notice: Normally, if a post is removed for violating subreddit rules, it will be marked as such. If there’s no such indication and other users can still interact with the post, it suggests that the missing statistics might be due to a bug.
  • Community Feedback: Sometimes, other users might also report similar issues within the same timeframe. Checking community forums or Reddit’s status updates can help determine if there’s a broader technical issue affecting more users.

Steps to Address the Issue

If you suspect a bug is causing the missing statistics, here are some steps you can take:

  • Refresh and Wait: Sometimes, the issue may resolve itself after some time. Try refreshing the page or checking back after a few hours.
  • Clear Browser Cache: Clearing your browser’s cache can help resolve display issues that might be caused by outdated or corrupted cache files.
  • Report the Issue: If the problem persists, consider reporting it to Reddit support. Providing them with details of your experience can help them identify and fix the bug more quickly.
  • Stay Updated: Keep an eye on Reddit’s official communication channels or tech support subreddits where updates on ongoing issues or maintenance might be announced.


Missing statistics on a Reddit post can be frustrating, especially when trying to gauge the effectiveness of your content. However, understanding that such issues are often caused by temporary bugs rather than actions against your account can help reduce anxiety and guide you in taking appropriate steps to resolve the problem. By remaining patient and proactive, you can better manage these glitches while continuing to engage effectively on Reddit.

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